Clash of Kings Dragon Campaign: Gameplay video and all you need to know

Clash of Kings Version 2.0 is finally here, adding the all-new Dragon Campaign to the massively popular Android/iOS mobile game. Here’s some exclusive gameplay footage from the Clash of Kings Dragon Campaign and news on the updated multiplayer gameplay, including the new Winter-themed do-over.

Mobile multiplayer strategy game Clash of Kings is celebrating reaching 80 million downloads with a massive update, taking it to Version 2.0. The much-anticipated Dragon Campaign allows you to team up with allies against alliances from other Kingdoms, while the update also adds new themes, challenges and other gameplay twists.


Check out the video below for our look at the new Clash of Kings Dragon Campaign.

The big new feature in Clash of Kings Version 2.0 is the Dragon Campaign cross-Kingdom competition, which takes place once a week. This two-hour battle allows you to form an Alliance with up to 50 players, to take on teams from other Kingdoms.

To win a competition, you simply need to occupy your opponent’s key buildings, which earns you battlefield points. Your troops can’t die and no resources are needed to heal any wounded soldiers.

At the end of the competition, the alliance with the most battlefield points will be declared the victor and receive more alliance points, to obtain a higher overall Clash of Kings ranking. And since you’re paired against teams with a similar Alliance Power in these competitions, successive victories will see you ascending to the top of the league.

Rankings will be determined every three months and rewards will be sent according to your latest position.

The all-new Legendary Heroes Event is another way of accruing special bonus prizes, by completing ‘extreme challenges’. You’ll be competing directly with other players and your final prizes will depend on how many points you gather, compared with the other competitors. Stay tuned for a special Christmas Eve event, which sees a 100 percent increase in the world resources and a 50 percent increase in gathering speed.

The Clash of Kings update also brings a new Winter scene, so you can pretend you’re the King of the North. You’ll be able to build a special Christmas Castle, which looks different in the world map, while your land will be covered in snow and ice to give it a festive feel. And the update also allows you to add prestige to the Barracks, Stable, Siege Engine, Factory and Range.

You can download the latest version of Clash of Kings right now for Android and iOS.


tips, trick clash of kings

Which one is better, Clash of Kings or Clash of Clans?



The first man in the kingdom – it’s you. You build, send troops to battle, chat with other players – in short, doing everything to make your kingdom continued to live and develop. Your avatar in the game is the Lord – and developing Lord, you are, in fact, improve the whole kingdom immediately. The Lord gives great increase to the military skill, economy and construction – the main thing to know exactly how you want it to be pumped.

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As a “working” Lord?

First, when you are creating your Lord, you will see a name change free and one free change of avatar. All subsequent replacement of these two elements will cost you units 200 and 400, respectively, of gold.

Choosing the right name and image to your Lord, you will see a picture of his two bands – blue and green. Blue demonstrates the preparation (and the rest to raise the level of) experience, green reflects the endurance.

Experience for the Lord recruited virtually all the useful actions in the game. We built the building? Get experience! Complete this quest?More experience! Defeated in battle? More experience! Accumulating experience and increasing the level of the Lord, you receive gifts in the form of gold and resources, and that is even more important, get skill points.

Endurance, Stamina is also used to attack monsters – require five points stamina to attack the monster. One point of endurance restored six minutes – but this time can be reduced with the help of science, attachments points of the Lord in the right skills and the use of objects.

Among other things, the Lord can equip six kinds of equipment – weapons, helmet, breastplate, pants, shoes and a ring. Each of these items will increase the efficiency of certain areas of your kingdom – something to enhance the troops, something will accelerate hiking, something will improve the science.


How is the Lord?

There are three branches of the Lord skills – fighting branch, branch development and support of the branch. In general, the filling of these branches appropriately named – combat increases attack and defense units, the development will enable cheaper and faster to build, gathering more resources and support to make your castle stronger and increase the efficiency of all its buildings.

Let’s try to examine them in more detail.

Fighting branch has three active and many passive skill to improve health, various attack and defense units, as well as to increase the possible “load” units of harvests.

The three active skills are immediate return that returns all the active march back to the castle for three seconds; Total mobilization, allows you to send in March by 10% more troops within hours after activation; Help and after activation which all units no longer die in battle and instead receive the status of “wounded” that allows them to recover in the hospital back home – but if the beds in hospitals will not be enough, the wounded units still die.

Passive skills, as mentioned above, increase the “carrying capacity” groups and enhance specific types of units. One of the most useful “enhancements” are improving attack archers and cavalry, chariots and health, as well as the “carrying capacity” mentioned above. Why?Because you often have to send these troops to the mining and resources will be essential to ensure that the maximum number of returned home chariots with the maximum amount of production.

Branch development also has three active skill, and a pile of passive enhancements that allow resources to collect different types and store them in more quickly.

Three active skill: Abundant harvest, allowing to collect resources for multiple hours ahead; Crazy collection, increasing the speed of collection of resources twice for two hours; and protection of resources, not allowing opponents to gather your resources for two hours after activation.

Passive same skills are divided into those that increase the rate of separate collection of resources, reduce construction time and scientific developments and increase the potential supply of resources. When investing skill points in the development branch is useful to all of the above, but if you do not want to deal only with the construction and resource gathering, we must first of all pay attention to the acceleration of the construction and acquisition of basic resources (food and wood) – so you can quickly check out on early stages of the game and will be able to turn their attention to the development of the army.

Branch support again has three active skills and a lot of different passive skills in different directions and may help to protect the castle attack monsters and healing the wounded.

Passive skills, as mentioned above, are divided into many different types. You can speed up the attack on the monsters, reduce recovery time stamina, speed up the production of the traps to increase hospital capacity, accelerate the healing forces and to reduce the cost of the cure, to increase the number of soldiers in training, and even increase the speed and power of attacks turret towers. Branch support is combined with the combat branch – if you can improve the hospitals and at the same time will develop active skill Help from combat branches, you can minimize casualties. With frequent attacks on your lock support branch is also very useful in view of the improvement of the turrets and traps – you can better defend against the advancing enemy.


Now that you are familiar with the branches of the Lord, it will be easier to decide how best to develop in the Clash of Kings. I hope that this guide will be useful to you and you will be able to occupy a place of honor among the players in the server of one of the largest MMO strategy!

tips, trick clash of kings

This time I want to post a reply …. CLASH OF KINGS ….
here are some of the main building of the empire:
  1. Castil: people check out our empire
  2. depot: barn reso / resources empire can reply diprotec if attacked)
  3. drill ground: the capacity of troops that could be sent out of our empire .. be it for attacking an opponent / find resources
  4. college: this is the core of the development of our empire .. dmana there could upgrade such as an increase in resources, the strength of the defense, the attack power of our empire … the higher the level I want in the time required upgrade is also getting old …
  5. embassy: The building’s air alliance (group / league / clan). Disni we can increase the time help “help” andreinforce capasity .. reinforcce this capasity mksdnya how we can accommodate the number of troops from the alliance teman2 us …
  6. market: it already know all the gan ?? hahahaha exchanging resources of course ..
  7. hall of war: nah this building who shouted gan..ane call it building a war … hahaha … why ?? because this building for wars … here there is a feature rallied troops . point, when we want to attack the other empire, we can do well teman2 alliance rally the troops (forces unite) of some empire ….. nah, this building use to control how many troops were able ditampungya … level in this building of course ….
  8. whising well: gan … This new building functions for resource allocation for free download .. hehehhe


next we go out Castil … exactly … the castle courtyard
there is a building suport Castil such as:

  1. military tent: the building is useful as the amount of capacity we can make the troops … the higher the level, the greater the number of troops that we can make a click … and the maximum amount we can make this tent military buildings 8 loooo
  2. hospital: just like real worldnya … point for our troops ngobatin sick … I mean the pain, if we die because troops were attacked inside the castle , then everything will be treated in the hospital (according to the total capacity of troops that can be treated) , and this building we can make a maximum of eight seeds gan …
  3. farm: a source of income we Castil .. Maximum 8 seed ..
  4. sawmil: as a source of wood Castil us .. maximum 8 seed.
  5. ironman: as a source of iron Castil us .. maximum of 8 seeds
  6. Mithril mine as a source rock we Castil … maximal 8 seed.
Link download and play free online:
Last source of power of the castle we … ie ….. troops
for this force we have 4 types … cavalery, Infantry, archers, and heavy equipment … masing2 there spsifikasi of 4 types td ….. ( the image on the right side) and plus building fortres which is used to make a trap / trap in our empire ..

Which one is better, Clash of Kings or Clash of Clans?

I have started with clash of clans. It’s an awesome game. Addictive. I played it for a 3 – 4 months. Then I found Clash of Kings. I thought it is another imitation of clash of clans, but wanted to give a try.

Once I started to play Clash of Kings, I came to know it’s nothing alike Clash of Clans other than the similarity in name. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Clash of clans let you design your village by letting you arrange buildings strategically. This is one of the feature Clash of King lacks.

Clash of Kings gives you a real feel of having a kingdom, or being a lord/lady. You can view other Castles by navigating the kingdom maps. Book mark the coordinates of some one who attacked you when you are away or week to revenge later. Gather resources from all over the kingdom. View alliances and their power before joining them. Share resources between your allies to help each other to build your castle stronger.


There are politics make you feel this is real. You’ll meet people who are loyal and stick with you. Reinforce you when some one march to attack you. Retaliate when you are attacked. So, even less powerful lords/ladies can be safe from others attacking and stealing their resources by getting the protection of an alliance. You also meet people who are selfish, they’ll be with you, get help from all members to grow while not contributing much, and leave you for a bigger and powerful alliance. Like a real alliance, you can make peace with another alliance to not to attack each other and make combined attacks on powerful bullies. In Clash of Kings, the user interaction is must to defend castles or attack another alliances. You’ll have to use chat and mails to organize everything. Some alliances even uses whatsapp, viber or kik to communicate with each other when one of them about to be attacked.

I have an experience which I think describe the politics. I have been in an alliance for two months, that was my first alliance. All the members are good, they helped each other. Leader is somewhat a cocky guy I think, last week a low level member left the alliance and the leader launched an attack on his castle. Compare to me or alliance leader, that guy was nothing. I felt bad for the guy. So, I asked why are you attacking him. I was told that he is being attacked for leaving the alliance. I didn’t like it, but I said ok. Then the leader told me to rob the guy as all his troops were killed I can easily go and rob all of his resources. I refused. I told him that I wont go and rob someone who is defenseless and week.

I was demoted from highest rank to R2 which is one rank above from bottom level. Also I was insulted by the leader saying that I’m a coward and didn’t want to get my hands dirty. I was told to pull all my troops from gathering, and put them to work in alliance buildings. (each of us contribute a part of our troops to build alliance building and use remaining for gathering resources). I sent a mail to everyone saying I’m leaving and gave them 8 hours time if they want to attack me for it, and I’ll teleport and join another alliance after. They didn’t attack, and begged me to join back. Said they’ll issue a public apology statement. I already decided to leave, so I said sorry and left.

You can see how this resembles the actual kingdom politics and how a bad leader can lose a powerful ally. This is what I like in Clash of Kings. I saw the answers stating Clash of Clan is better than Clash of Kings game. Might be true for some one. For me, Clash of king is the better game than clash of clans. You should try both game for at-least two or three months before deciding.

Clash of Clan lacks this buddy helping system. Even if you are a member of a clan, you’ll be attacked by random people and loose all your resources.

You can download app here:


Clash of Kings hits 65M downloads after a year

Clash of Kings APK 2.17.0

Playing games Clash of Kings on a pill or smartphone is obviously enjoyable

Clash of Kings hits 65M downloads after a year

Elex announced today that its Clash of Kings mobile game has hit 65 million downloads after a year on the market. Clash of Kings seems like a derivative title. Its name evokes Supercell’s Clash of Clans, the No. 1 top-grossing mobile game. And its gameplay isn’t all that different from Game of War: Fire Age. But its graphics are better, and the title seems to have a lot of growth in spite of its copycat appearance.

To celebrate the anniversary, the company released an update that includes gifts for all players.


“The past year has been one of the most exciting times for Elex since Clash of Kings launched on mobile,” said the company, in a statement. “The incredible milestone of more than 65 million downloads of the game, as well as the continued enthusiasm from our community, really delights the entire Elex team. Fans can look forward to even more exciting new Clash of Kings content over the coming months.”

Elex said that 72 percent of its U.S. fans play the app most while watching TV, while 65 percent of United Kingdom fans play while commuting. About 82 percent of all fans are male, and 68 percent are between 18 and 34 years old.

Clash of Kings started as a beta testing game on Google Play in August 2014. It launched in Apple’s App Store in December 2014, and then in the Facebook App Center in March 2015. It’s currently among the top 5 highest-grossing apps in over 70 countries. Since the game launched, Clash of Kings players have spent the equivalent of 20,400 years playing the game. And over 946 billion troops have fought in Clash of Kings game, more than the total number of stars and planets in the Milky Way.

Link download game FREE:

Clash of Kings APK 2.17.0

Playing games Clash of Kings on a pill or smartphone is obviously enjoyable

History about Clash of Kings game

Clash of Kings APK 2.17.0

The latest Clash of Kings APK which is now on version 2.17.0 is available for you who like to play game via Android. There are some games that offered to you in some websites. Game is easy to find because by playing game people can feel relax. You can also play game by using android smartphone. Some people choose to play game because they want to feel relax, find new challenge, feel free from boringness and some other bad feelings.

Although there are some types of games, this game is one of favorite games because of some reasons. This game is not suitable for women or girls although some women can play this game too. This game is suitable for men or boy because it is related with military and also game with strategy. Before you download this game, it is better for you to check information about this game. What is it? It is one of real time game that needs strategy. By playing this game, you need to build your own city. What you need to do is developing your own city.

Elex-tech Clash of Kings Russia GP

You need to recruit and also train army and of course you need to conquer people nearby. You must be able to find strategy to expand your empire and also your land. That is why it is not an easy game. Maybe kid will not be able to play this game, because there are some terms that must be understood. There are some features that you can find in this game such as libraries, stables, barracks, farms and also mines. You need to know the specific object to conquer too.

Each of features will have different function or purpose too. Barrack for example will be used to recruit soldiers. As it is said above, you will find libraries too. Libraries are not a place to read a book but the places are used to upgrade new technologies, weapon and also strategies to fight all of enemies. You will get some advantages in easy way when you add libraries to your place. You can upgrade your good army too and then attack people or other land. Other players will have strategies to attack your land anytime they can. That is why you must be careful every time. Although you play Clash of Kings with your smartphone, you don’t need to worry because this game is made for your smartphone.

Features of Clash of Kings 2.17.0 APK for Android

  • Real time strategy multiplayer games and battles! Build an empire and clash with your enemies in a free fantasy kingdom!
  • Gather resources as you build massive empires. Defense against a tower rush is as important attacking an enemy empire.
  • SimCity like city building of your king’s empire! Defend your empire through strong battle strategy! Build a massive empire to build up your army!
  • Enjoy the battle games and PVP action on your mobile phone or tablet!

Link download:


Playing games Clash of Kings on a pill or smartphone is obviously enjoyable

History about Clash of Kings game

Preview Clash of Kings really war game

Playing games Clash of Kings on a pill or smartphone is obviously enjoyable


Don’t let all the war, political scheming, and fancy-fantasy names fool you: A Clash of Kings  game is a coming-of-age story about finding one’s place in the world. Whether that world sports magic and knights or airplanes and smartphones, we feel that’s something everyone can relate to.

Playing games on a pill or smartphone is obviously enjoyable because their operating systems have managed to get easier for you really to perform with those activities in online multi player function; nevertheless, with this specific edge comes a big pest: for cheating your game you have to pay,. Clash of Kings is one of many planet is many popular games on Android and iOS merchants with 100 million puts on Android devices, nevertheless, there’s been no affirmation from Elex, a China-based company and developers of Clash of Kings sport or there’s been any twitter regarding the compromise, in reality, the company is remembering its 2 yrs of accomplishment.


BlueStacks understands how important the games that players enjoy are for them, which is why the most recent model of the gaming player today contains easy-access to share Clash of Leaders battles with millions of different fans and participants via Twitch is just a gaming website that allows participants to share their gambling activities from 1000s of activities across almost all websites.

A Clash of Leaders is within this epic fantasy collection not even close to the last guide, though—several textbooks abide by it. Even though Martin is famous to take his time together with his writing, this just presents us time for you to savor each his epic books, our excitement growing until we feel we might burst if we do n’t find out what happens next already.

Several aesthetic adjustments: a Battle of Kings contains thousands of textures that are updated, to bring you an experience. Don’t allow all-the battle extravagant, and scheming -fantasy names fool you: A Battle of Leaders can be a coming-of age narrative about finding one is invest the planet. Consequently A Clash of Leaders discovers a variety of previous and characters—young, loaded and poor—struggling to possibly discover or return to a job in the world wherever they’re able to experience secure and of value. That you do not must your unit to utilize this tool that is crack.

As a major company in the virtual-currency industry, we have been offering exceptional company to get a longtime Of Leaders food to Clash. Here is the second volume novels that includes A Game of Thrones clash of kings apk and A Tornado of Swords of in George spectacular period. The sport was released while in the Northwest on December 30, 2014 and it is accessible internationally.


You can download here:

History about Clash of Kings game

Preview Clash of Kings really war game

Clash of Kings Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies -Part 2